Economy Informatics Vol 12 No. 1/2012


SOA and Web Technology for Computing the Intrinsic Entropy of BSE Listed Stocks
Claudiu VINŢE, Ion SMEUREANU, Ionuţ-Alexandru LIXANDRU 5

Content Aware Retargeting of Stego Images Using PSC

Developing an ERP Strategy Based On the IT Solution Life Cycle
Constantin Daniel AVRAM, Razvan Daniel ZOTA, Laurentiu CIOVICA 26

The Impact of the New Technology of Teaching and Learning on the Higher Education
Ileana Adina UŢĂ 42

Performance and Security Requirements for Complex Applications
Alin ZAMFIROIU, Mihai Liviu DESPA, Catalin SBORA, Emanuel HERTELIU 54

Format Conversions for Open Source Data Mining Implementation in Digital Economy Ranking
Mădălina ZURINI 65

Stages of Content Development in Assisted Instruction
Alina-Mihaela ION 77

Software Architecture for a Consensus Moderation System
Andrei TOMA 85

Assessing Distributed Application Vulnerabilities Using MERICS
Cătălin Alexandru TĂNASIE 97

Audit of Public Procurements under Projects Financed From Structural Funds


Theoretical Considerations Regarding the Implementation of SOA Architecture in a Company for Electric Power Distribution and Supply
Radu-Ştefan MOLEAVIN 118

A Formal Model Used To Describe an Economic Process - Bank Deposits
Călin AVRAM, Eleonora Laura AVRAM 129

Open Data for Smart Cities
Lorena BĂTĂGAN 136

Collaborative and Distributed Architectures for Analysis of Economic Clusters
Cătălin BOJA, Cristian CIUREA 143

Publishing Guide for Authors 153

Inforec Association 155