Economy Informatics Vol 10/No. 1/2010


The Mobile Business Intelligence Challenge

Technological Challenges for Assuring Business Benefits of Future Internet
Syed NAQVI, Ranganai CHAPARADZA, Giorgio NUNZI 13

The Security of the Mobile Citizen Oriented Applications
Ion IVAN, Adrian VISOIU, Silvia TRIF, Bogdan VINTILA, Dragos PALAGHITA 22

Bluespam Filtering
Mihai DOINEA, Madalina ZURINI 34

Mobilizing Business Processes Security Issues and Advantages of Using SAP Mobile Infrastructure in the Development of Mobile Applications
Ilona Mariana NAGY, Laszlo FEISCHMIDT 44

Mobile Learning Detractors
Mugurel PATRICHI 53

An Adaptive M-learning Architecture for Building and Delivering Content Based on Learning Objects
Gabriela Andreea MORAR, Cristina Ioana MUNTEAN, Nicolae TOMAI 63

Learning Intelligent Collaborative Systems
Loredana MOCEAN, Robert Andrei BUCHMANN, Monica CIACA 74

E-SCM - Intelligent Collaborative Decision Support System

Network Management Framework Based on Intelligent Agents, Semantic Modelling and Web Services
Ana-Maria GHIRAN 99

Vehicle and Item Tracking Systems
Liviu DNISTRAN 108

Using Service Level Agreements to Promote Service Aggregation in P2P Networks
Ioan PETRI 118

A Market-Based Approach of Efficient Resource Allocation Mechanisms in Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Systems
Cristina-Maria STEFANACHE 128

The Tenth International Conference on Informatics in Economy IE 2011 141

Publishing guide for authors 142

Inforec 144