Economy & Informatics Journal promotes an integrated perspective of applied computer science in various economic areas. The journal aims to increase knowledge and understanding of how digital technology can enhance and support economic activity and business management by publishing quality research, which may extend theory and practice in the field.
Approaching major topics in applied computer science, like digital economy, artificial intelligence and data mining, algorithms and computer graphics, communication networks and human-computer interaction, database systems and applications, computer-based systems and services, education and research in economic informatics, qualitative and quantitative models applied in computer science, the journal welcomes interdisciplinary approaches, originally scientific research and relevant applications-oriented studies. This perspective offers opportunities to advance research within computer science and provides a stage that introduces new solutions meaningful for both academia and industry in this rapidly evolving field.
This open-access journal is at the forefront of disseminating and communicating scientific knowledge, practical solutions and impactful findings to academics, industry and the public worldwide.