Economy Informatics Vol. V/No. 1/2005


Smart Tools for Business Intelligence: Geographic Information Systems
Angela IONIŢĂ 5

Building Aspects of Knowledge-Based Research Network Oriented to SMEs
Ion IVAN, Gheorghe NOŞCA, Marius POPA 9

Research Areas in Data Warehouse Systems’ Audit
Traian SURCEL, Marian STOICA 15

Executive information systems development lifecycle
Ion LUNGU, Adela BÂRA19

The role of collective intelligence in modern organisation

Agile Software Project Management Methodologies
Constanţa-Nicoleta BODEA 27

Grid Computing and Web Services
Carmen Timofte 32

Using resources in Visual C#.NET applications
Marian DÂRDALĂ, Adriana REVEIU 36

Spreadsheets and OLAP
Daniela ENACHESCU 40

The Two “G” of the Internet: Globalization and the e-Government
Gabriela Grosseck 45

Parallel Rank Sort
Felician ALECU 49

The solution to the Bühlmann - Straub model in the case of a homogeneous Credibility estimators
Virginia ATANASIU 52

The Experimental Evaluation of Interclass Testing for Object Oriented Programming
Marian Cristescu 57

COM_ELECTRON: An Agent-Based Electronic Commerce System
Mihaela OPREA 62

The Learning Content Management System
Maria Cristina Podoleanu 67

The intelligent machine – a dream which is not yet real ...
Veronica Adriana Popescu 72

Support for Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
Gheorghe SABĂU  76

On operative cash-flow planning
Răzvan Petruşel  81

Software engineering approaches for design of multi-agent systems
Gheorghe Cosmin SILAGHI  85

Object oriented principles in information systems alignment with enterprise modelling
Cătălin STRÎMBEI 93

Databases used for trees modeling
Mirela-Catrinel VOICU 103

Wireless Security: Past, Present and Future
Răzvan Daniel ZOTA 108

About conexinist paradigma
Cristina COCULESCU 114

Innovation, territorial networks and K-economy
Daniela-Luminiţa CONSTANTIN 117

Reasons for migrating legacy systems
Mihaela Carmen TRUFASU, Gabriel Claudiu CONSTANTINESCU 121

Web-Based Database Distributed Systems
Alexandru Dan CĂPRIŢĂ, Vasile MAZILESCU 126